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The Famous Home Office Hits 7.0

One of the great things that can happen on the internet is meeting people that have common interests that you would otherwise not run into in the normal course of life. There have been a number of people I have met this way that I now keep in contact with and one of them is Stefan Didak. We met up along with our wives in Southern California in 2011 and had a great time!

If you don’t know who he is, you might recognize him from his home office. As a fellow home office aficionado, it’s always fun to look at all the tech gear. (Yes, obviously I enjoy tech hardware and home office layouts.) This picture from his site gives some idea of how expansive the layout is.

The newest iteration is now at 7.0 and is very impressive. As I’m designing my new home office that will be completed in January or February, it is very interesting to look at his whole design and assembly process.

The hardest part of the office design for me is choosing the right desk and desk layout. In particular, I have hesitated to buy an expensive desk since I tend to change things around frequently or, in the case of moves, change is required. It’s great to see a really good layout for lots of systems and monitors and it gives me great idea for how to better design my own space.

You’ll find the main office pictures at Stefan Didak’s Home Office page and the assembly at the Home Office Version 7 Setup Making Of page. Both are definitely worth a look and a bookmark!