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Adjusting Constrast and White Balance for ThinkPad X1 Carbon in OpenBSD

I purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon recently and I immediately noticed that the screen’s contrast and white balance were not very accurate at all. This system does not have and excellent IPS screen like the ThinkPad X230 but it does have a slightly higher resolution TN display at 1600x900 instead of 1366x768. I wondered how I might solve this problem on OpenBSD. A few searches and I found the answer.

A particular program has been created for just this problem called Redshift. A quick look at the options in the man page and I had some good ideas but another search yielded the exact syntax I needed.

redshift -O 6500 -g 0.6:0.6:0.6

The idea is that -O manually sets the color temperature in one shot mode. The -g option does gamma correction. If you’re display is out of whack, you would have to adjust these values to whatever looks correct to you. Redshift is more powerful and can adjust the color temperature based on time of day and so forth but, at least for now, I’m only using it as a one time fix in .xinitrc.

If you’re in a purchase quandary, I would suggest purchasing a higher quality IPS display if possible but Redshift may still be useful to you.