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An Intriguing iPad and iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard

As much as I like the Apple Wireless Keyboard, there are a few glaring issues with it for some uses. Let me first say that I use the previous generation Apple Wireless Keyboard every single day while I am at my desk. The issues really only relate to mobile use rather than to overall use. I have been searching for another keyboard and I believe this one looks the best so far.

First off, is my preferred place to order just about anything due to its excellent Prime Shipping. Interestingly, this keyboard is actually manufactured by Amazon under its AmazonBasics brand. The keyboard is called the AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad or iPhone but apparently (according to user reviews) works with any Bluetooth-capable system including the Mac.

AmazonBasics Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad or iPhone

Some user-supplied photos on the site compare it to the Apple Wireless Keyboard and it is just a little smaller but quite similar. The one thing that really got my attention with the Amazon keyboard is that it has a physical on/off switch. Although I like the Apple design, it is more easily turned on in transit which will wear down your keyboard batteries.

All in all the differences from the Apple keyboard may just make the Amazon keyboard a better option. It is also cheaper which is a nice bonus. I would consider either the Amazon Bluetooth Keyboard or the Apple Wireless Keyboard if you are considering using the iPad more for your serious work.

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