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Ergotron’s WorkFit-C Dual Impressions and Thoughts

I have owned an Ergotron DS100 dual monitor stand since late 2009 and have used it at every desk I have had. Earlier this year, I started thinking about buying another DS100 but instead getting the double stacked model. I then discovered the WorkFit models and these are some thoughts on the WorkFit-C Dual model.

The WorkFit series of products is part of the workstations category of Ergotron products. The other models in the series beside the WorkFit-C include the WorkFit-D and WorkFit-S models. The WorkFit-D is the most recently introduced and is essentially a modular desk that can be fit to any specification of the user. It sits on the ground and can have lots of different accessories added to it.

The WorkFit-S, on the other hand, is designed to mount on the edge of a surface such as a desk or counter. I am not very excited about the idea of mounting a workstation solution on the edge of a counter.

The WorkFit-C is the model I am most interested in. As you can see from the picture above, it sits directly on four wheels and features a work surface as well as a mount for two LCD monitors. It also has space for both a surface for a keyboard and mouse.

When I started my first company at 20 years old, I could work at any surface, stay up all night, and keep on going through much of the next day. These days, I get back and neck pain if I am not careful. Although much of my work involves writing and terminal work on a MacBook Air, I could move much of that to being from the WorkFit-C which would make being more productive much easier.

Today, I came across the five episodes of “The Office Breakup.” They are all really funny and get the point across very well. You can watch the Monday episode below. The rest are available from

I really like the idea of not sitting all day long but still being productive. I think it is time for a change and the WorkFit-C seems to be the best option for my needs. The WorkFit-C Dual is available from