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Deal Alert: Intel Core i7 2600 and i7 2600K

This afternoon at, the quad-core Intel Core i7 2600 3.4GHz processor with 8MB of cache, Hyper Threading, and Turbo Boost dropped in price to the best price we have seen. This is Intel’s top Sandy Bridge desktop processor except for the Intel Core i7 2600K which adds Intel HD Graphics 3000 and an unlocked multiplier. Both processors are at the best prices we have seen.

The Core i7 2600 does feature the underwhelming Intel HD Graphics 2000 integrated graphics. If you need integrated graphics, definitely look at the Core i7 2600K which has the much more powerful Intel HD Graphics 3000. Right now, the Core i7 2600 is available for $273.29 with free shipping from Normally, this processor runs right at or slightly about $300. If you really need the improved integrated graphics, the Core i7 2600K is your ticket for about a $34 premium and is available for $307.08 at