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&yet Launches &! (And Bang) Web App for Keeping a Team on Track

The great developers over at &yet launched a new web app today for keeping a team on track. I was able to get early access to &! last week before its launch today and I am quite impressed.

Having worked in several different environments where working together with a team and staying productive was difficult, I can see the tremendous potential of &! in keeping everything on the same page. At the previous company I worked for, we were constantly needing to confer with each other but always trying not to interrupt in the middle of some important task.

The &! paradigm of showing what everyone is working on is very powerful.

Here is a good example of seeing a team in action. These are all members of &yet’s team and they are working on various different projects. At a quick glance you can see what everything is doing and whether they are available for an interruption. In addition, there is a “chat room” as part of the interface that notifies you when someone posts a message and allows all the team members to discuss projects. You can also create and manage multiple teams to streamline working on different projects.

All of this highlights the excellent interface that is entirely keyboard driven. The “Command Cheat Sheet” gives you an idea how powerful the keyboard navigation is. Of course mouse navigation is possible but once you start using the keyboard, you won’t want to go back.

Anyone who has used Vim will see the similarities in the commands. The &yet team has done an exceptional job at making sure the interface works perfectly and making the features work great.

As the &! page puts it, “It’s All About Shipping”! Good job to the &yet team on this excellent product! The best part is that teams of two are free and each additional team member beyond two is only $10 per month per team member. Although not yet available, expect a mobile app down the road. Go try &! out and see for yourself.