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A window into the Digital Life of Bryan Vyhmeister

About Me

I am the CTO at Digital Stripe Inc. and am involved in lots of different consulting projects.

I started out my career by founding a small town ISP providing high speed wireless broadband and DSL internet access. After the company was sold, I moved into consulting in infrastructure, virtualization, and VoIP. I work especially with Mac OS X, iOS, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux operating systems deploying VMware, FreeSWITCH, and ZFS storage solutions.

I currently reside in Southern California but provide services to clients across the country.

My Digital Existence

I use a variety of different internet services. These are some of my web sites and most-used services. Clicking on the name of each service will lead you to my profile on that service if applicable.

Social Networks

  • Twitter is my most useful social networking tool. From connecting with interesting people to learning about the latest news to finding great articles, it is all there on Twitter. The very structure makes it a great sharing tool and it has an openness that most other social networks lacks. All of the useful social networking connections I have made have been on Twitter. All of that being said, I’m not too happy with the way Twitter is locking down access to third party clients.

  • Path is a social network that I have just become familiar with. Path is really geared as a journal of life to share with close friends and family. It has great potential and the new iOS app is fantastic. It has the option of sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and/or Foursquare. I particularly like the ability to “Go to sleep” and then “Wake up” and Path will show how long you slept. I think Path is quite impressive but I have found it doesn’t suit my social networking needs all that well. This is not because of any deficiency in Path itself but more that my interactions are better suited to Twitter.

  • Tumblr is second on my list of best social networking platforms. Tumblr is somewhat unique in that it is built around different types of posts and lends itself to sharing tidbits of information. It is not a great choice for longer posts and does not have the same level of interaction as Twitter or Google+ but is still a great platform. I used to use it frequently to share information and the previous incarnation of this site was run from Tumblr. They are certainly growing at an amazing rate. Since re-inventing this site, I have rarely used Tumblr.

  • Facebook is the best social network to connect with friends and family. My experience has been that Facebook is not somewhere to effectively network with people you do not already know. This is not a problem per se but limits the usefulness of Facebook for true networking. I also dislike the lack of privacy and how large Facebook has become.

  • Google+ is the newcomer to the world of social networking. I find Google+ to have some of the characteristics of Twitter but without the limit of 140 characters. Google+ is a great way to share information and connect with others. I will probably use Google+ more as time goes on. One thing it lacks that would be nice is a public API that services like could use. That would make Google+ infinitely more useful to me. On the other hand, that keeps Google+ from being used as a one way communication medium to some extent.

  • LinkedIn is a very business-oriented social networking platform. They seem to be doing many things right and I have heard of many people getting hired based on their profiles. So far I have only spent a minimal amount of time with LinkedIn so I really can’t comment on its effectiveness or usefulness.


  • Vimeo is my preferred site for videos. Vimeo tends to have a higher quality of content on average than YouTube. In all reality, I have not spent much time on video sites in recent history due to being busy with other projects.

  • YouTube is the ubiquitous video site on the internet. There is an amazing diversity in types and qualities of content. I distinctly dislike “browsing” around YouTube because of how much garbage is there. I only hit YouTube when I am looking for something specific.


  • Flickr is the most universal site for sharing pictures. I have several different Flickr accounts that are paired with different web sites I currently run or have run in the past. Flickr is a fantastic service.

  • Instagram is no longer something I use at all since it has been acquired by Facebook. Facebook doesn’t need any more information about me.


  • Instapaper is a fantastic service for reading content in a clean format at a later time or on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone. Even though Instapaper was not designed to save links, I end up using it that way some of the time. The creator of Instapaper, Marco Arment, has done a great job of creating a useful product and I would recommend anyone purchase the app and support excellent products like this from independent developers.

  • Pinboard is my new favorite for saving links. I am very, very impressed with the service. I have essentially stopped using Delicious which was my previous favorite. I am also very pleased with how Pinboard can pull in your links from Instapaper, Delicious, and a few other services.


  • Foursquare seems to be the leading location sharing service. I have recently joined but have hardly used it. I really like the concept but since most of my work is from home I have not found any location sharing service to be all that useful as of yet.


Some of the links I provide in posts and review on this site are links to products where I receive a very small commission from their sale. The commission does not ever change the price to the consumer. I only recommend products based on my own use or knowledge of the product and the small commission has no effect on what I recommend.