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New Work Paradigms with the iPad and the Cloud

The iPad has changed the word tablet from the laughing stock of serious computer users to being the best example of an incredible new way of consuming information. Apple has a well-deserved reputation for throwing the industry norms out the window and re-defining whatever market niche they enter.

The original iPad came out in April 2010. Its introduction has changed the way many of us take in information. I ordered the original iPad the day it was announced and enjoyed it for almost a year. I had purchased the 64GB 3G version and was quite pleased with it. I decided to sell it early in 2011 because I knew a new model was coming and it was not essential to my work. I have not purchased an iPad 2 for a variety of reasons but will very likely be purchasing an iPad 3 when it is released.

I had a discussion with a friend a few weeks back about the iPad. He asked me if I found it useful. My view on the iPad has essentially been that it is a wonderful tool to consume information. Reading the news, a book, watching a movie, a TV show, reading your social media feeds. All of these activities are well suited to the iPad.

The other side of the coin is creation of information. The iPad is not such an ideal tool for that. It is not well suited for many tasks a laptop is well suited for. I cited development as an example in my conversation with the friend. In his case, he is doing lots of development with Eclipse and Java.

Thanks to the mention by Barry Morrison, I read an article about a developer who has decided to use his iPad in an unusual way.

iPad for Work?

The post, titled I swapped my MacBook for an iPad+Linode, details the switch from doing development on a MacBook to doing that work on an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and a cloud hosting account.

After you’ve read the article, come back and tell me what you think. Does your job and/or workflow allow for this type of work? I am putting together some more thoughts that I will publish tomorrow about my workflow and how an iPad can make me more productive.