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My Favorite MacBook Air (or Pro) and iPhone Accessory

I discovered a great accessory for any MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro and iOS device shortly before Christmas. I am always trying to slim down what I carry with me because I like to carry the most minimal set of technology items I can while still having what I need. I carry my iPhone and MacBook Air most places I go. Each item needs its own charger but one accessory made this so much easier.

Twelve South, a well-known Mac and iOS accessory manufacturer, has created an extremely useful product called the PlugBug.

The Twelve South PlugBug

As you can see from the picture, the PlugBug replaces the removable AC prong piece from your MagSafe power adapter. In addition to providing the two prongs for AC power, it provides a USB power port for charging your USB device but also supports up to the 10 watts needed by the iPad.

I have a variety of different USB power adapters including the small white power adapter that comes with the iPhone. While there is nothing wrong with the iPhone’s small adapter, it is one more thing to carry with you. The PlugBug replaces that extra adapter with one that is integrated into the already-with-me MagSafe power adapter. All I need is a 30-pin dock connector to USB cable and my MagSafe power adapter with the PlugBug.

The PlugBug along with the OWC Aura Pro Express SSD have both made my life so much easier for this new year. At $34.99, the PlugBug is not the cheapest charger out there but is certainly the most convenient and innovative I have seen. I highly recommend it. It is available from