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CradlePoint's 1.8.2 Firmware Supports Verizon's USB551L

Cradlepoint has released firmware 1.8.2 for the CTR500, MBR1200, MBR1000, MBR900, MBR800, MBR90, CBA750, CBA250, and CX111 products which enables support for a number of new modems but most notably adds support for Verizon’s Novatel USB551L, the nicest of the Verizon 4G LTE modems available. The other notable addition for US users is support for the T-Mobile Jet 2.0.

Along with the 1.8.2 firmware release comes an updated WiMAX driver version 6.1.2 up from the previous version 5.2.236. Some additional new features were added for LTE modems such as:

  • Added ability to select all five Verizon LTE and 3G modes (as seen in Verizon’s Access Manager): Auto (All Modes), Auto (3G or Less), Force LTE, Force 3G (EVDO, EDGE), Force 2G (1xRTT, GPRS).
  • Added ability to configure the LTE SIM PIN.
  • Added ability to select and/or modify the LTE or GSM APN on the modem.

Under defects fixed, Cradlepoint lists the following fix:

  • DynDNS Retry and Update Improvements. Will now retry the update faster under certain failure conditions, such as “Unable to resolve”. Will now update more reliably when WAN changes (i.e. failover events).

One other interesting change is listed as “If enabled, the firmware’s WiFi setting can now override the physical WiFi hardware switch.” We have successfully tested the USB551L with the CTR500 and it works great. Prior to this firmware the USB551L worked but did not provide any signal strength indications. We are anxious for Cradlepoint to release new firmware for the CTR35 and MBR1400 to add full support for the USB551L to those routers as well. The release notes are available from Cradlepoint and the firmware update is downloadable from the various product pages on Cradlepoint’s site.

NOTE: When we upgraded the firmware on our MBR900 everything went smoothly but the upgrade on the CTR500 caused the device to return to factory defaults. We restored our configuration backup and everything was back to normal. Just a warning so you are not surprised if your device resets to factory defaults and a suggestion that you backup your configuration whenever you do a firmware update.