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CradlePoint Releases COR Series of Routers with IBR600 and IBR650 Models

CradlePoint has been hard at work releasing great products lately. Yesterday, two more routers based on the new NetBSD platform were released. The IBR600 and IBR650 are the first models in the new COR series of integrated broadband routers. Both of these models include a built-in 3G EVDO Rev A modem as their cellular connection and provide enterprise-level features including GPS support.

Essentially both the IBR600 and IBR650 are identical except that the IBR650 lacks WiFI for environments where security demands that WiFi not be used. The models feature the following key features:

  • Fully Integrated Router/Bridge
  • Integrated 3G EVDO Rev A Modem
  • Ruggedized Metal Housing
  • External 3G (both) and WiFi (IBR600 only) Antennas
  • Two Ethernet Ports(LAN/LAN or WAN/LAN)
  • WiFi 802.11 with Full Security (IBR600 only)
  • Built-in GPS with NMEA Output
  • Secure IPSec VPN (5 concurrent sessions maximum)

Applications where these devices would most likely be used include (from CradlePoint’s web site):

  • Kiosks
  • ATMs
  • Digital Signage
  • Video Surveillance
  • Mobile Vehicle Networks

With the improved support for GPS in firmware 3.3.0 and the impressive form factor, these new products look to be a fantastic option for M2M applications. CradlePoint is making great strides in the enterprise space with these new offerings that perfectly fill a lineup slot not currently filled.

I have been looking at the best option to accomplish exactly this purpose and was thinking that either the CTR35 or CBR400/CBR450 would be the best route but the COR series is the exact solution. Both the IBR600 and IBR650 will come in either Verizon 3G or Sprint 3G versions. From what I have gathered, these devices are modular so the cellular card is easily changed out. You can find out more about both models at the CradlePoint web site.