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Cradlepoint 4th of July Discount Deals: MBR95, MBR1400, and CTR35

There are some great deals available on Cradlepoint routers and associated products that expire at Midnight Central Time on July 4. Grab the deals while you can. The MBR95, MBR1400, and CTR35 are all available at discounted prices.

First up is the new MBR95. Take a look at our overview of the MBR95 and why it is such a fantastic router. The MBR95 is normally available for $119.99 but is special this weekend for $99.99! Use the coupon code J4MBR95 to purchase the MBR95 at to get the discount. We are still doing are in-depth review of the MBR95 but it will be published soon. We are very impressed so far.

Next up is the MBR1400. This router is the top-of-the-line Cradlepoint router and provides an extensive list of features. We covered its launch and you can read about all of its features there. Normally, the MBR1400 is $379.99 but this weekend it is available for $299.99! Use the coupon code J4MBR1400 to purchase the MBR1400 at in order to get the discount. We are currently doing our in-depth review of the MBR1400 and the compatible MC100W business grade WiMAX modem. The MBR1400 is very impressive!

The compact and versatile CTR35 is also on sale. The CTR35 was the first of the new NetBSD-based Cradlepoint routers to be released. We reviewed the CTR35 in April and found it to be an excellent compact choice for traveling. It is normally available for $79.99 but this weekend can be purchased for $72.99. Use coupon code J4CTR35 to purchase the CTR35 at in order to receive the discount.

The final deal specially for July 4 is the 9.5 inch Full Band Omni Antenna which works with all the major technologies including 4G LTE with the exception of 4G WiMAX. This antenna can be used with a large list of 4G and 3G devices. Normally the antenna is available for $99.99 but this weekend you can get it for $89.99. Use coupon code J4OMNI to purchase the Full Band Omni Antenna at in order to get the discount. They also list the supported devices and adapter cables on the product page.