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Coincedence that “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson and “One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of” Coming out a Few Days Apart?

Do you think it is a coincidence that the biography of Steve Jobs and the story of are coming out a few days apart? I think not! It’s been sixteen days now since Steve Jobs has passed away and it is still fresh in many of our minds. A good friend of mine asked me point blank, “did you cry?”

I had to admit that I had. He had cried too I found out. As I started reading many of the thoughts about Steve Jobs I found out that many, many, many people cried too. It is really incredible how Steve Jobs touched so many people just by being a visionary entrepreneur, technologist, and founder of the most valuable tech company in the world. I never had the privilege of meeting him but Apple technology touches many parts of every single day of my life.

The biography, simply entitled Steve Jobs, will go on sale on Monday. I pre-ordered my copy quite a while back and says delivery on October 26. Due to the unprecedented access Walter Isaacson received to Steve Jobs, the book should give us insight into his life like never before. Amazon also states that Steve Jobs is number one in books right now.

Although originally slated to be released before Steve Jobs, One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of will be released on October 27. states that One Click is currently number 355 in books. I also pre-ordered One Click and am interested in its story as well. listed a large number of the tributes to Steve Jobs and several of them allude to how Steve Jobs either personally encouraged or mentored them. Steve Jobs presentation style impacted the launch of the Amazon Kindle Lineup. I am not aware of whether Steve Jobs had much contact with Jeff Bezos but the release of both books will give us additional insight into both of their lives and why their companies are at the forefront of consumer technology and online retailing.

I think the release of Steve Jobs right before One Click was intentional but perhaps the runaway success of Steve Jobs, especially since his passing, will also flow over into sales of other books about Steve Jobs and young entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos.